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Jesus:  formal, but ready to party

Jesus: formal, but ready to party

We aren’t going to try to talk you into coming to our church because we have all the “answers” or the “right” dogma or the most “spiritual” people in town.  If anything, you should know we are probably a lot like you, and that means, fairly screwed up.

We are a community filled with people who have checkered pasts, current addictions, skeletons in the closet, consistent struggles with shame, guilt, fear, anger, un-forgiveness and urges we’d like to keep to ourselves.  Maybe you don’t have any of these struggles, and that’s awesome.  But, if you struggle with fear and arrogance like everyone else and long for a community that will love and accept you as you open up to God, then you might fit right in.

See, we’re doing our best to be honest with our failures, to encourage and help each other along the path, to celebrate, like a family, with our victories.

We see Jesus wearing a tuxedo shirt, “formal, yet likes to party,” to borrow a line from “Talledega Nights.”  (He’s a movie buff too)

Really, we’re simply trying our best to follow Jesus, not Christianity.  The institution of Christianity has done much good in the world, but it’s also done horrible damage.  Jesus, on the other hand, has only done good.  We strive to be his hands in a broken world.  We aren’t perfect, we don’t have it all right or all together.  But it’s the journey that counts.

Our first pastor, fifty years ago, said we’re a community “based on the idea that no one group has a corner on the truth.”  So we aren’t into cornering people or being cornered.  We want to make peace, not pick fights.

So come stumble along with us if you’d like, as we try together to be fully human, connecting with God, trying to make the world a better place, reaching out a helping hand just as Jesus reached out to us.

But if church isn’t your cup of tea, don’t worry.  We serve coffee too, and our doors will always be open to anyone in search of love, humor, acceptance and the grace of God.